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Tech Text

You need to pay attention to the installation of Security screen meshs

1. The first thing we need to do before installing Security screen meshis to measure how big the window of our home is. The data after 2 measurements is more accurate. You then order the Security screen mesh of the corresponding size with the manufacturer.

MAISHI, a manufacturer specializing in screens for 30 years, told us that we also need to determine the installation location of the alarm and the transmitter. We need to use a wire rope to introduce it into the room, and pay attention to leaving enough length.

2. After obtaining the window screen, you need to measure the size of the window screen again to check whether it is suitable. If possible, please clean the dust on the window surface to facilitate installation.

3. Whether the frame of the Security screen mesh is tightly connected to the wall. When installing, if the wall is uneven, you can use the same color or similar glass glue to fill the gap between the wall and the frame.

Security screen mesh is very easy to use. You can set the indoor anti-theft screens to be openable or not according to your own needs. It is very convenient for you to go out. If you encounter a serious fire or other emergency, you can also have an extra escape route.

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