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Tech Text

Characters of high-quality security mesh

The security door mesh is made of high-strength AISI316 stainless steel wire with tolerance (+ - 0 01mm) and tensile strength exceeding 900Mpa (900N)

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You need to pay attention to the installation of Security screen meshs

1 The first thing we need to do before installing Security screen meshis to measure how big the window of our home is

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Can mosquitoes enter the Security screen mesh door and window

When purchasing Security screen mesh doors and windows, generally choose 8 meshes or other meshes The anti-mosquito effect is better The wire diameter of the Security screen mesh is very thick,

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Security mesh screen main features and application range

The main features of Anti-theft Security mesh screen: 1 The anti-theft ability is super strong, which can prevent the intrusion of scissors or impact force

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Security mesh screen rejects insect's best screens

Security mesh screen is braided by stainless steel wire with relatively high strength Security mesh screen can effectively

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