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Industrial News

What factors may affect the price of security door mesh?

The price of security door meshis concerned by many people. Recently, many customers have asked why the price gap is so large? Below is a detailed introduction by Hebei MAISHI Wire Mesh Manufacturing Group.

The price of security door mesh is influenced by the wire thickness, quality, and others.

1. Wire thickness. Generally speaking, the thickness is between 0.32mm to 1.2mm. If the wire is thinner, then when we hit it with our hands, the sound it makes will be more brittle and lighter.

2. The quality is different. Security door mesh with better quality are more expensive, while security door mesh with lower quality have lower production costs and therefore lower prices.

3. Different weaving machines used. In order to reduce the cost of purchasing professional machines, many people improve some older wire mesh looms. The meshes woven by old machines have uneven surface. And there is no guarantee for the quality of the mesh.

4. Different materials. Some manufacturers will use inferior stainless steel wire to pretend to be the national standard stainless steel wire. The national standard 304 contains more than 8 nickel and more than 17 Chrome, but some supplier replace it with a low-nickel and low-chromium stainless steel (7.8 nickel and 16 Chrome).

Everyone will understand the truth, price depends on the quality. We may need to consider more than the above points when we choose. For more product related questions, please leave us a message.

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